Local Grow­ers

Fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles have a per­sonal and dis­tinc­tive place of ori­gin.

Inde­pen­dent & small scale fam­ily farms con­tribute to our regional abun­dance and land­scape with a wide vari­ety of fresh, peak of sea­son pro­duce.

Check out some of our notable farmer pro­files to see who’s grow­ing your food.

A.V. Thomas Produce

A.V. Thomas Pro­duce is one of America’s lead­ing sup­pli­ers of fresh con­ven­tional and cer­ti­fied organic sweet pota­toes and yams in the United States. The com­pany was founded by Anto­nio Vieira Tomas, who immi­grated to the United States from the Azores Island of Pico in Por­tu­gal in 1920 and set­tled in Liv­ingston, Cal­i­for­nia.

Liv­ingston is one of the spe­cial places in the coun­try with the warm cli­mate and light, sandy soil nec­es­sary to grow sweet pota­toes, and Mr. Tomas began grow­ing them here in 1960. (Today more than 90 per­cent of California’s sweet potato crop is grown right in this area.) Mr. Tomas founded A.V. Thomas Pro­duce with 10 acres in pro­duc­tion and one small pack­ing shed in down­town Liv­ingston.

Twelve years later, his nephew, Manuel Eduardo Vieira, joined the busi­ness. Also from the Island of Pico in the Azores, Mr. Vieira had just spent 10 years in Rio de Janeiro, earn­ing a degree in Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion. He would spend the next five years learn­ing the sweet potato trade at his uncle’s side.

In 1977, Manuel E. Vieira bought A.V. Thomas Pro­duce and began a new chap­ter in its his­tory, invest­ing in, grow­ing and expand­ing the busi­ness into the indus­try leader it is today.

Abe-​El Produce

The legacy and tremen­dous con­tri­bu­tion of Japan­ese Amer­i­can farm­ers is bril­liantly rec­og­nized in a num­ber of Cal­i­for­nia fam­i­lies, one of which is Abe-​El Produce.

Abe-​El Pro­duce is a suc­cess­ful full ser­vice farm­ing, pack­ing, ship­ping, cold stor­age and pro­duce sales oper­a­tion. Abe-​El Pro­duce grows numer­ous cit­rus vari­eties, table grapes and veg­eta­bles fea­tur­ing zuc­chini, yel­low squash and eggplant.

Broth­ers Franklin and Her­bert Abe are joined by the third gen­er­a­tion (san­sei) of edu­cated, cre­ative and pro­fes­sional fam­ily mem­bers. The farm­ing tra­di­tions and sac­ri­fices made by Issei (Japanese-​born) and Nisei (American-​born) are hon­ored in this vital fam­ily business.

Adobe Creek Orchards

Ken Barr made the deci­sion to buy his own pack­ing shed in 1989. He wanted to have bet­ter con­trol over the grow­ing, pack­ing and ship­ping of his Lake County pears. He left the com­fort zone of a grower coop­er­a­tive and took on the respon­si­bil­ity of pack­ing and ship­ping his pears.

A small shed owned by the Kelseyville Pack­ing Com­pany was pur­chased and Adobe Creek Orchards was born. Ken felt that by plant­ing the orchards, rais­ing the trees, tak­ing care of the fruit, pick­ing the fruit and then hav­ing con­trol of the pack­ing and ship­ping put him in a very spe­cial and unique posi­tion. He was and still is one of the very few who can lay claim to this farm­ing accomplishment.

In 1990, Ken joined forces with his brother, John Barr and busi­ness part­ner, Broc Zoller and formed Adobe Creek Pack­ing Co., Inc. They each came to the busi­ness with their own spe­cial tal­ents. Ken con­trolled the orchards, John had the mechan­i­cal knowl­edge of run­ning pack­ing sheds, and Broc, (The Pear Doc­tor) is trained as a plant pathol­o­gist & pest con­trol advi­sor. John Barr passed away in 1996 and Broc retired in 2007; Ken con­tin­ues to grow, plant, har­vest, pack and ship the best of Lake County pears. This includes Bartlett, Star Crim­son, Rosi Red, Bosc and Golden Rus­set Bosc. Enjoy sea­sonal pears from Adobe Creek!

Andy Boy

Andy Boy has a rich his­tory as an indus­try trend-​setter, not a fol­lower. From the day the com­pany was founded by Stephen and Andrew D’Arrigo, two immi­grants from Messina, Sicily, inno­va­tion has been its hall­mark. Andy Boy cus­tomers can con­fi­dently look to them for excel­lence in every­thing they do, from seed research and devel­op­ment to entirely new approaches to pack­ag­ing, pack­ing, and even shipping.

With third gen­er­a­tion D’Arrigo fam­ily mem­bers at the helm of their West Coast oper­a­tions, the tra­di­tions of being the very best in the busi­ness emanate from the top and are car­ried out by their ded­i­cated fam­ily of almost 2000 employees.

Andy “Andy Boy” D’Arrigo is 92 years old and has retired but remains active by com­ing into the office from time to time. John D’Arrigo serves as President/​CEO and Chair­man of the Board for D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of CA.

Andy Boy Broc­coli, Broc­coli Rabe, Cau­li­flower, Fen­nel, Romaine Hearts, Cac­tus Pears and Nopal­i­tos are the company’s main­stays, but Andy Boy is also able to pro­vide a full scope of pro­duce needs and con­sol­i­da­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties with an extra­or­di­nary level of service.


Richard Bag­dasar­ian Inc., was incor­po­rated in 1952 and is located in the heart of the Coachella Valley’s agri­cul­tural grow­ing com­mu­nity. They are a fam­ily owned and oper­ated grower, ship­per and mar­keter of Cal­i­for­nia table grapes, cit­rus and vegetables.

As one of the larger grow­ers of Cal­i­for­nia table grapes and cit­rus in the Coachella Val­ley, Richard Bag­dasar­ian Inc. is respected world­wide and has nat­u­rally estab­lished a national pres­ence in the veg­etable indus­try via Pasha Mar­ket­ing, LLC. They apply the high­est stan­dards of pro­duc­tion to every vine, tree, and plant they grow.

Com­mit­ted to giv­ing you the best tast­ing, high­est qual­ity table grapes, they grow, har­vest, ship and mar­ket 12 dif­fer­ent vari­eties of table grapes..
Enjoy local Cal­i­for­nia table Grapes today!

Baker Ranch

Chuck Baker is a 5th gen­er­a­tion fam­ily farmer who grows lus­cious Cal­i­for­nia pears in the Sacra­mento River Delta region (Sut­ter Island). The Baker fam­ily has been farm­ing on 700 acres of prime pear orchards (from Court­land to Ryde) since the early 1860s – the orig­i­nal land grant deed is dated 1854 (Hus­tler Ranch and Hus­tler pear label).

Many of the exist­ing old growth trees are at least 140 years old and still pro­duc­ing some of the best eat­ing fruit grown in the state. Cal­i­for­nia Bartlett pears are the main crop for Baker Ranch with cher­ries and pear vari­etals like Bosc, Star Crim­son, Seck­els and Forelles bal­anc­ing out the harvest.

In addi­tion to over­see­ing his fam­ily farm, Chuck Baker also over­sees many of the pear orchards that grow for All­State Pack­ers, a pre­mier fruit packer and ship­per in Lodi. You know their fruit under the labels River­maid, McCor­mack, Golden Glow, Party and Hill­side. Stew­ard­ship of the land and time hon­ored grow­ing prac­tices by Chuck Baker and fam­ily are appar­ent in the won­der­ful fruit they lov­ingly produce!

Baloian Farms

The Baloian Fam­ily is a 4th gen­er­a­tion farm­ing fam­ily that has been in the pro­duce busi­ness since 1917. Charles Baloian started the company’s first enter­prise: Charles Baloian Com­pany, Inc. in Fresno, Cal­i­for­nia which was a full-​service pro­duce busi­ness. Charles’ two sons, James and Edward, returned to Fresno in 1945, after serv­ing their coun­try in the World War II, join­ing Charles as partners.

In 1965, Charles and his sons formed Pam Pak Dis­trib­u­tors, Inc., which is Baloian Packing’s cur­rent #1 label, to pack­age and mar­ket fresh veg­eta­bles from a large num­ber of local grow­ers who sup­plied Charles Baloian Com­pany, Inc. In an effort to increase their annual busi­ness and to sup­ply the ris­ing local demand for their prod­uct, Pam Pak Dis­trib­u­tors, Inc. began its own farm­ing oper­a­tions in 1968.

Today, they grow vari­ety pep­pers, vari­ety let­tuces, vari­ety squash, red onions and vari­ety veg­eta­bles (turnips, beets, rutaba­gas, cucum­bers, green beans, spinach, yams and more). Their fresh prod­ucts can be found in both Pam Pak and Baloian Farms packaging.

Bar­sotti Fam­ily Juice

Freshly presssed juices are the Bar­sotti family’s pas­sion! All juices are hand­crafted in small batches at the family’s solar-​powered Apple Hill Ranch, sur­rounded by orchards and pines in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada moun­tains in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia. Their team is com­mit­ted to press­ing only the best fruits and veg­eta­bles in cre­at­ing their tempt­ing vari­ety of juices, lemon­ades, and blends, each flash pas­teur­ized with NO preservatives.

They freshly press top qual­ity juice all year long at their pro­duc­tion facil­ity that rivals many small pro­duc­ers of freshly pressed juice. They’ve replaced the flatbed trucks loaded with cases of juice and piles of ice with refrig­er­ated semi-​trucks and vans. Bar­sotti juices are also flash pas­teuized to ensure your safety.

Look for their trucks trans­port­ing juice to your local super­mar­kets and food estab­lish­ments through­out North­ern California.

“We hope you enjoy our juices and we guar­an­tee that the qual­ity is the best!” –Gael & Joan Barsotti

Barsotti logo

Blos­som Hill Orchards

Blos­som Hill Orchards has been fam­ily owned for over 90 years, with over 35 years grow­ing and ship­ping apricots.

In 1917, Louis Lucich started grow­ing apri­cots and prunes in the Santa Clara Val­ley. In 1959, his son moved the fam­ily to Pat­ter­son where they con­tinue their busi­ness today. Today, the third gen­er­a­tion keeps the fam­ily tra­di­tion growing.

In an ever chang­ing mar­ket, the team at Blos­som Hill has adapted and grown to meet the needs of their cus­tomers, with over 1000 acres of apri­cots, 200 of which are now organic. Although apri­cots are a very sen­si­tive fruit, the team at Blos­som Hill strives to grow, pack, and ship apri­cots so that cus­tomers will find them sweet and juicy.

They also make food safety an inte­gral part of their oper­a­tion. Their pro­duce is deli­cious as well as safe and pathogen free. Blos­som Hill Orchards has imple­mented a first-​class Global Food Safety Ini­tia­tive (GFSI) bench­marked food safety pro­gram and is work­ing towards fur­ther certifications.

Bolt­house Farms

Bolt­house Farms is a 4th gen­er­a­tion fam­ily farm, located in California’s fer­tile San Joaquin Val­ley. The Bolt­house fam­ily started com­mer­cial veg­etable farm­ing in west­ern Michi­gan. They con­tin­u­ally improved veg­etable vari­etis and made advances from field pack­ing cel­ery to stor­ing onions for off-​season sup­ply. The veg­eta­bles grown on the fam­ily farm were sold to local can­ner­ies, includ­ing com­pa­nies like Ger­ber Prod­ucts, The Camp­bell Soup Com­pany, and H.J. Heinz.

By 1950, Bolt­house Farms was a lead­ing sup­plier of car­rots to Mid­west proces­sors. In 1990, William J. Bolt­house intro­duced Short­cuts, car­rots that were cut, peeled and ready-​to-​eat. Demand soared and addi­tional plants were added. The com­pany added juices and juice mix­tures to its lineup after demand by Japan. Addi­tion­ally, Bolt­house packs organ­i­cally grown car­rots under the Earth­bound Farm label.

In 2015, they devel­oped a line of cold-​pressed & organic juices called 1915. 1915 prod­ucts are made only with high-​pressure pro­cess­ing which helps pre­serve the nutri­ents of the juice. The name 1915 is a nod back to sim­pler times, prov­ing that the Bolt­house Farms tra­di­tion con­tin­ues today along with inno­va­tion, fresh­ness, health, con­ve­nience, and value.

Bolthouse logo

Booth Ranches

Booth Ranches, LLC is a fam­ily owned, fully inte­grated grower, packer and ship­per of pre­mium fresh cit­rus. They have been grow­ing cit­rus for more than 50 years in the San Joaquin val­ley, and pack­ing at two pack­ing­houses near the head­quar­ters in Orange Cove, California.

The late Otis Booth was a busi­ness exec­u­tive when he inher­ited a 40-​acre cit­rus grove in 1950. Accord­ing to Loren Booth, Otis Booth’s daugh­ter and cur­rent owner of the cit­rus com­pany, that orig­i­nal grove is known sim­ply as Ranch 40. Today, Ranch 40 is a small slice of the 8,500 acres of Booth Ranch navels, valen­cias and spe­cialty cit­rus in the San Joaquin Val­ley from Fresno County south into Kern County.

As his invest­ments sky­rock­eted Otis Booth’s wealth into the Forbes 400, oranges became a pas­sion. “Land and a grow­ing busi­ness and farm­ing on the land is some­thing rather more tan­gi­ble than a secu­ri­ties port­fo­lio,” Booth told Forbes mag­a­zine in 2005.

As some grow­ers switched to other com­modi­ties, Booth remained com­mit­ted to cit­rus, though he did add a cat­tle ranch in 1971. Adding acreage and mar­ket­ing fruit grown only by the com­pany helped make it a truly inde­pen­dent grower-​shipper.

Cal-​Organic Farms

In 1968, when Bob and Rod Grimm set up their first road­side pro­duce stand, the broth­ers made a promise to always take care of the cus­tomers. More than 3 decades later, they are still hon­or­ing that promise. That has never been more evi­dent than with Grimmway Farms’ organic divi­sion Cal-​Organic.

Start­ing with a quar­ter acre of let­tuce in 1983, and an idea of doing things dif­fer­ently, they have taken the busi­ness to include 60 dif­fer­ent year-​round veg­etable items. Today the busi­ness has grown to thou­sands of cer­ti­fied organic acres. It still remains fam­ily owned and oper­ated, while pro­mot­ing fam­ily val­ues and integrity every day.

Work­ing hard to pro­vide per­sonal ser­vice and find­ing solu­tions for pro­duce needs, Cal-​O is con­stantly advanc­ing the tech­nol­ogy of organic agri­cul­ture to the high­est lev­els. As one of the only farms in California’s south­ern San Joaquin Val­ley to con­vert to organic agri­cul­ture, they are very proud of their rich farm­ing heritage.

Cal-Organic logo

Cal­i­for­nia Endive Farms

Bel­gian Endive took the world by storm when it was intro­duced in Paris in 1872. It quickly became so pop­u­lar that it was nick­named “white gold”.

About a cen­tury later, a young Amer­i­can named Richard Collins, focused on becom­ing a spe­cialty farmer, made his own dis­cov­ery of endive while work­ing in the kitchen at a Cal­i­for­nia /​French eatery called Restau­rant La Salle. The owner, prepar­ing braised endives, told the wide-​eyed youth that he should con­sider grow­ing endives as he had just paid four dol­lars a pound for them! Fas­ci­nated by the prospect of pro­duc­ing this ele­gant veg­etable, Rich bought some seeds and planted them in the fam­ily veg­etable garden.

By 1983, Rich had begun com­mer­cial pro­duc­tion of locally grown endive in Vacav­ille, launch­ing Rebel Farms and a new tra­di­tion, rich in his­tory of this ele­gant veg­etable. Rebel Farms was later renamed Cal­i­for­nia Endive Farms and it remains the largest Amer­i­can producer.

A lead­ing inno­va­tor in refin­ing the com­plex process of grow­ing the high­est qual­ity Cal­i­for­nia endive (both red and white), Cal­i­for­nia Endive Farms is ded­i­cated to con­sis­tent pro­duc­tion of the high­est qual­ity endive in the marketplace.

CA Endive Farms logo

Chase National Kiwi Farms

Tom Schultz is a third gen­er­a­tion fam­ily farmer in Marysville, Cal­i­for­nia. Under his direct man­age­ment, Chase National Kiwi Farms oper­ates on approx­i­mately 155 acres and pro­duces Cal­i­for­nia Cer­ti­fied Organic kiwifruit. They also farm an addi­tional 20 acres of con­ven­tional grown kiwifruit. The com­pany also packs kiwifruit for 5 out­side kiwifruit grow­ers & is a major exporter of Cal­i­for­nia kiwifruit to Japan.

After grad­u­at­ing from Chico State Uni­ver­sity in 1973, Tom then began in the Cal­i­for­nia kiwifruit indus­try, stay­ing in the Chico area. He has been ded­i­cated and per­son­ally involved in kiwifruit nurs­ery, grow­ing, pack­ing, cold stor­age and export seg­ments of busi­ness, full time, since 1973.

As a proud grad­u­ate of Class 14 of the Cal­i­for­nia Ag Lead­er­ship Pro­gram, Tom con­tin­ues with his lead­er­ship role in the Kiwifruit indus­try. Cur­rently, he serves on the Kiwifruit Mar­ket­ing Order Board and is past Pres­i­dent of the Kiwifruit Grow­ers Asso­ci­a­tion and past Chair­man of the Cal­i­for­nia Kiwifruit Commission.

Tom rep­re­sented the Cal­i­for­nia kiwifruit indus­try at the first Inter­na­tional Kiwifruit Orga­ni­za­tion meet­ing in Paris, France and has rep­re­sented Cal­i­for­nia at other Inter­na­tional meet­ings in Hong Kong, South Korea, Chile, Italy and France. His trav­els to most of the worlds’ major kiwifruit pro­duc­ing coun­tries (New Zealand, Chile, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea) allows him to study their kiwifruit grow­ing prac­tices.

Chin Farms

Chin Farms is the grow­ing oper­a­tion of Wong Pota­toes, Inc., a fam­ily owned busi­ness which has been grow­ing, pack­ing, and ship­ping pota­toes in the United States since 1930. Their pota­toes are shipped through­out the United States and the Pacific Rim coun­tries. Each year, Chin Farms grows and ships over 70 mil­lion pounds of the world’s favorite vegetable!

The own­ers are Dee Dee and Daniel Chin, third gen­er­a­tion potato farm­ers in the Kla­math Basin. The Kla­math Basin is ideal for grow­ing qual­ity prod­ucts because of its high ele­va­tion (4,100 ft.) and short grow­ing sea­son (115 days).

Their pota­toes include red, yel­low, rus­set, and spe­cialty pota­toes along with a full line of organ­i­cally grown pota­toes. Chin Farms grows about 2,400 acres of con­ven­tional pota­toes, wheat, alfalfa hay, and dehy­drated onions, and their organic divi­sion, Chin Fam­ily Farms Organic, LLC, grows about 2,500 acres of organic pota­toes, wheat, and alfalfa hay.