Do You Know Your Apples?

Brae­burn — Sweet, tart, crisp and juicy but not too hard. Red-​orange-​yellow streaky appearance.

Cameo — Refresh­ing taste sim­i­lar to pears, firm with a red-​yellow skin.

Cox — Sweet, fruity yet aro­matic fla­vor with an obvi­ous orange-​red skin.

Fuji — Refresh­ing, crisp taste with a pretty pink speck­led skin.

Golden Deli­cious — Soft, sweet flesh with yellow-​green skin.

Granny Smith — Hard, crisp and very sharp with solid green skin.

Jazz — A cross between a Royal Gala and a Brae­burn. Bright red and yel­low skin with yel­low flesh that is sweet, juicy, crisp and dense.

Pink Crisp or Pink Lady — Sweet and crisp with dis­tinct pink skin.

Red Deli­cious — Shiny, deep red skin. Flesh is soft and juicy.

Royal Gala — Soft and sweet with pear-​like fla­vor.

Source: fruit​forthe​of​fice​.blogspot​.com.