5 Tips for Select­ing Asparagus:

1. Look for aspara­gus spears that are firm to the touch. They should be straight and not bend­able; on bend­ing the spear, it should be brit­tle and “crack”. Stalks should be firm but tender.

2. Look for a bright green color.

3. Check the tips of the aspara­gus spears. For the main part, they should be closed tightly. A nice dark green or pur­ple tinge on the tips is a good indi­ca­tion of qual­ity. If the tips are yel­low­ish or dried out, the aspara­gus is too old.

4. Choose the diam­e­ter of the spears accord­ing to your needs. The size does not affect the ten­der­ness of the spears; rather, you should be look­ing for the other above signs instead. Some­times smaller aspara­gus is sim­ply a bet­ter look for your food pre­sen­ta­tion but you will get more food from the larger stalks, espe­cially if the price is per bunch.

5. Avoid blem­ished, mot­tled, or wilt­ing aspara­gus.