Do You Know Your Pears?

Bartlett — Quin­tes­sen­tial pear fla­vor and aroma with abun­dant juice.

Bosc — Crisp and woodsy with a honey sweet­ness.

Comice — Suc­cu­lent, but­tery, and excep­tion­ally sweet.

Con­corde — Crunchy and earthy with a hint of vanilla.

Forelle — Crisp, tangy, and refresh­ingly sweet.

Green Anjou — Refresh­ingly sweet and juicy with a hint of cit­rus.

Red Anjou — Juicy and fresh with a sweet-​tart fin­ish.

Red Bartlett — Juicy and aro­matic with a sup­ple sweet­ness.

Seckel — Bite-​sized, crunchy, and ultra-​sweet.

Starkrim­son — Aro­matic, moist, and sweet with a flo­ral essence.