Gath­er­ing twelve round fruits on the eve of a new year is said to usher in pros­per­ity and good for­tune. Let it roll.

Eat­ing round fruits for each month rep­re­sents a healthy approach to the new year. It may be daunt­ing if all done at one sit­ting, unless berries or grapes are avail­able.

Lucky for us that so many globe-​shaped fruits are read­ily avail­able nearly year-​round.

These days, apples and oranges are almost taken for granted. They get packed in school lunches every day with hardly a thought. Okay, so maybe they do get sliced into smiles or smaller por­tions. They start out as a round piece of fruit.

Grapes, pears, quince, cran­ber­ries, kiwi, per­sim­mons, mango and pome­gran­ates are sea­sonal choices that fit a resolve to improve monthly intake. Some of these, while sourced from around the world, will take some plan­ning month-​by-​month to work into the meal rotation.

Cit­rus is an easy Jan­u­ary edi­ble achieve­ment. A wide selec­tion of man­darins, pum­melo and grape­fruit offer bright orange and yel­low rounds in many sizes. “Zip” peels have us tear­ing into Clemen­tines, Mur­cotts and tan­ge­los.

Cara caras and blood oranges join navels in the global orange fam­ily.

Increas­ing our over­all con­sump­tion of fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles has, gen­er­ally speak­ing, a pos­i­tive influ­ence on indi­vid­ual health.

With an aspi­ra­tion towards hav­ing a more healthy and pros­per­ous new year, take com­mand of the round choices avail­able in the pro­duce sec­tion of the mar­ket.

Keys to enjoy­ing more veg­eta­bles and fruits each day: Keep fruits were they can be seen. When the urge to snack hits, fruit will be the likely choice.

Explore the pro­duce aisle and farm­ers mar­ket for some­thing new. Vari­ety is the key to a healthy diet and enjoy­able meals.

Make it a meal. Try new recipes and food ideas that include more veg­eta­bles and fruits. Sal­ads and stir fries are two ideas for get­ting tasty veg­eta­bles on your plate. Smooth­ies and sal­ads keep fruits on the short list.

Not every­one has the same produce-​centric mind set. For the ones that need a nudge in that direc­tion, start with some­thing round. After that juicy bite of orange or kiwi, Brus­sels sprouts may fol­low.