Avail­able in a wide range of options– fresh, frozen and dehy­drated forms, spuds are a go to ingre­di­ent when it’s time to innovate.

From side dishes to center-​of-​the-​plate, they hold their own no mat­ter how they are featured.

Pota­toes remain one of America’s most pop­u­lar and beloved vegetables.

The case for most valu­able player is backed up by solid nutri­tion and ample ver­sa­til­ity. Pota­toes play an impor­tant role in a bal­anced, healthy diet.

There are hun­dreds of potato vari­eties planted around the world today, over 600 vari­eties sold within the United states from seven main types – Rus­sets, reds, yel­lows, whites, blues/​purples, fin­ger­lings and petites. Most major gro­cers offer all types and with con­ven­tional and organic choices.

Mixed “mar­ble” pota­toes are so called for good rea­son — they are small. These gems are a delight­ful mix of petite, marble-​sized red, gold and pur­ple “creamer” potatoes.

Gain­ing MVP sta­tus, these deli­cious, lit­tle tubers (aver­ag­ing only about an inch in diam­e­ter) have firm tex­ture and excep­tional fla­vor. Try them in all ways– roasted, boiled or steamed.

Rus­sets are ideal for light and fluffy mashed pota­toes. They also fry up crisp and golden brown, and are the pre­ferred choice for baking.

The del­i­cate fla­vor and fluffy tex­ture of baked rus­sets go well with all kinds of top­pings, from tra­di­tional sour cream and chives to spicy and bold fla­vors of Mediter­ranean or Latin cuisines.

Rus­sets, like other vari­eties work well when cut into planks or wedges to make hearty oven-​roasted “fries.”

While Ken­nebec rus­set pota­toes are most widely uti­lized for fry­ing (they make won­der­ful chips & french fries), they are an out­stand­ing all-​purpose potato.

They can be baked, mashed, scal­loped and made into hash browns. Their firm tex­ture when cooked makes them ideal for use in potato sal­ads, stews and soups. Their pleas­ant, but mild fla­vor makes them a per­fect com­pan­ion to other hearty ingredients.

Pota­toes pro­vide the fuel for energy through­out the day — for body and the brain. Active lifestyles include a diet rich in potato good­ness. Hot food trends include menu selec­tions with pota­toes at cen­ter plate or the VIP of sides.