Sum­mer wed­dings take on a spe­cial glow given the venue selected. The happy cou­ple go together like peas and car­rots.

Those two veg­eta­bles aren’t exactly known for being sum­mer pair­ings, though For­rest Gump thinks they are still a match made in heaven.

Corn and toma­toes, toma­toes and cucum­bers, cucum­bers with sweet red onions make solid sum­mer mar­riages.

As chefs and cooks look to step up their weekly menu offer­ings, the best inspi­ra­tions come from avail­able, local, in-​season ingre­di­ents. Recipes, new and revived, get updated as more vari­eties of breads, cheese, oils and spices get our atten­tion.

Suited to sum­mer pair­ings are the fruits and veg­eta­bles we see grouped together on farm­ers mar­ket tables. Green beans, sum­mer squashes, toma­toes, sweet and hot pep­pers, egg­plants, basil, mint and chives piled high tickle the cook­ing gene.

Cre­ative ideas swirl around flat­breads and pizza, gaz­pa­cho and cold chow­ders, grilled veg­gie med­leys and chilled herbal potato sal­ads. Allow regional or global cuisines to push the direc­tion on even the most mun­dane mid­week din­ner plans. Bring sum­mer travel back to the table.

The splen­dor of sweet and savory hot weather pro­duce is abun­dant with berries, mel­ons, grapes, peaches, plums and nec­tarines.

Cheese plates snug­gle up with any one of the above fruits and a fist­ful of almonds or pis­ta­chios.

Craft cock­tails are now every­where and rede­fine “happy hour”. Fresh herbs and black­ber­ries marry well. Try other fruits or sliv­ers of excit­ing veg­eta­bles like lemon cucum­ber, sweet mini pep­pers or fancy fen­nel bulbs.

Pep­per­corns make a ménage a trois of an already good tast­ing drink. Exper­i­ment with those unfa­mil­iar local foods to find per­sonal hits that work.

Build from what is already in the mar­ket­place. Food dis­cov­ery can expand our culi­nary senses. Pref­er­ences are fleet­ing as intro­duc­tions to new com­bi­na­tions per­suade and guide what go together.

Seem­ingly con­trary pair­ings stretch the bound­aries in a good way. Spinach with straw­ber­ries or water­melon exem­plify this notion. Spin cel­ery with can­taloupe. Try blue­ber­ries with arugula. Do it.

Wed­ded bliss in sum­mer mixes color and vari­ety. Let the hon­ey­moon begin!

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