It’s cus­tom­ary on Mother’s Day to honor mom with break­fast in bed or a din­ner menu made on the bar­be­cue.

Col­or­ful flo­ral bou­quets, arrange­ments, and pot­ted bloom­ing plants are an expres­sion of love for those moms who pre­fer botan­i­cal signs of affec­tion.

While the orig­i­nal idea of a day devoted to moth­ers was con­cep­tu­ally a day of observ­ing peace dur­ing wartime, today’s remem­brances have more to do with fam­ily gath­er­ings and activ­i­ties.

There are some moms out there who just want a quiet day of gar­den­ing, read­ing for plea­sure or leisure time. That could include a dream of nap­ping on a lounge chair or ham­mock. Sleep deprived moms are largely fueled by cof­fee and the next item on the daily “to do” list. Check.

Expen­sive pur­chases of jew­elry and the like mat­ter less than catch­ing our col­lec­tive mom breath. Cre­at­ing space and time to slow down is really what moth­ers may need most. In par­tic­u­lar, moth­ers of small chil­dren rel­ish a few min­utes to themselves.

Bal­anced child rear­ing between two par­ents is a con­stant jug­gling act. Work and house­hold duties stretch the lim­its of patience, bud­gets and any per­sonal bound­aries. When “mommy” is requested, no one else seems to mat­ter. Reminded of a young mother of four, pushed to her wits end, makes for a com­mon mom tale.

She put on a sweater because she was cold in her own house. The eldest asked, “where are you going”? The mother wanted to say “going crazy” but instead said “no where, I’m just a lit­tle chilly”.

Mother’s never get a chance to escape from a child’s con­stant focus. The scrutiny and demand is unre­lent­ing. Giv­ing mom a “break” from day-​to-​day respon­si­bil­ity is some­times the best pos­si­ble gift. Let the aun­ties and uncles take over for a few hours, a day or extended long week­end.

Once refreshed, mom will be ready to move again. Go ahead and plan that day filled of sports, music or out­door recre­ation. After some only me time for mom, a new per­spec­tive allows her to be fully present and less fraz­zled.

Back to the gar­den. Spring plants brighten up the house and home. Its good to know what mom’s favorites are. Peonies, roses and hydrangeas top the charts for peren­nial bloomers.

Year after year, May’s flo­ral nod to mother is cheer­fully spo­ken with stun­ning folds and petals in pink, white, red, yel­low and pur­ple.

Plant some­thing for mom. Let it take root.

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