Gin­ger, lemon, honey and mint. Four fairly com­mon kitchen ingre­di­ents, they part­ner well as a win­ter home rem­edy for what might be ail­ing us.

The chang­ing win­ter weather con­di­tions and con­stant fluc­tu­a­tion in tem­per­a­tures taxes our resis­tance to catch­ing a cold or the flu.

Immu­nity lev­els tend to dip in colder months. Con­fined to indoor envi­ron­ments, expo­sure to other human’s cough­ing, sneez­ing and wheez­ing puts us at higher risk for those nasty germs and viruses.

Calm jan­gled nerves and sup­press early symp­toms by get­ting into the kitchen. OTC in the pantry means some­thing alto­gether dif­fer­ent from the vast over the counter drug­store nasal, throat and body ache solu­tions.

Stay­ing hydrated and flush­ing out the sys­tem with avail­able fresh herbs, fruits and veg­eta­bles puts the home phar­macy at our fingertips.

Explor­ing the entire cit­rus fam­ily is a no brainier path for health minded recipes. Once lemons, grape­fruit or oranges are mar­ried to other pro­duce part­ners, their potency is ampli­fied. Enter­tain rose­mary, gar­lic, onions and mush­rooms for savory reme­dies.

Lemon­grass and leafy cook­ing greens cat­a­pult a steamy bowl of soup or noo­dles into an antiox­i­dant rich com­fort dish.

Teas and smooth­ies are nat­u­rally hydrat­ing. So too are light meals– brown rice topped with steamed veg­eta­bles, by exam­ple.

Results are improved by incor­po­rat­ing spices like cin­na­mon, star anise or black pep­per. Car­rots, chili pep­pers or baby bok choy put a spin on taste and tex­tures.

Blue­ber­ries and pome­gran­ate arils are famous for hav­ing Super­food sta­tus. The bright fruit col­ors could influ­ence mood when tossed into salad greens or morn­ing blended drinks. A small shot or dose of them each day will counter any hit to immu­nity.

Soothe sore throats and ease con­ges­tion with a hand­ful of warm­ing anti-​viral, anti-​inflammatory, anti-​bacterial kitchen cures. Choos­ing nutri­ent dense whole foods above processed foods is a road to well­ness.

Ther­a­peu­tic heal­ing begins at home. The power of pro­tec­tion through pantry and fridge com­po­nents allows for one hun­dred per­cent per­sonal con­trol.

Pre­ven­tion is the ulti­mate defense. A prac­tice of fre­quent hand-​washing is good start. Rest, sleep and daily exer­cise help main­tain a rit­ual of self care.

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