Sat­is­fac­tion meets fuel when power bowls are intro­duced to the week­day or evening menu lineup.

These protein-​packed, veggie-​rich solu­tions to com­plete nour­ish­ment are as ver­sa­tile as deli­cious.

One bowl won­der trends do not seem to be los­ing any momen­tum. Given the end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties, its easy to say they are here to stay for awhile.

Week­end war­riors, stu­dents, ath­letes, soc­cer moms and pro­fes­sion­als all look to max­i­mize calo­ries and deliver on good taste.

Pro­tein power bowls are a com­bi­na­tion of grains, col­or­ful fruits and/​or veg­eta­bles, a pro­tein and a dress­ing or topping.
Break­fast bowls may sim­ply con­tain oats or rice, while a lunch or din­ner bowl will run the spec­trum of grain choices. Quinoa, farro, wild rice, or bul­gur are pop­u­lar grains.

Pro­tein sources are often plant-​based, using legumes, lentils, nuts or soy. Other bowl recipes include dairy, eggs or ani­mal pro­teins. That includes var­i­ous kinds of cheeses, yogurt, eggs and of course poul­try and fish.

A num­ber of high pro­file ath­letes tout a vegan or veg­e­tar­ian diet as part of an over­all plan to sup­port train­ing, sta­mina, healthy lifestyle goals and even plan­e­tary ethics.

Super power bowls are a viable option for energy and metab­o­lism boosts. Include mush­rooms, kale, red bell pep­pers, spinach, avo­ca­dos and toma­toes for nutri­ent dense meals.

Global bowls build on more exotic fla­vors– gin­ger root, turmeric, lemon­grass, sesame oil and seeds, nuts and fresh herbs.

A great alter­na­tive to a reg­u­lar salad, use bolder dress­ings to marry the com­po­nents of the super bowls. This is a chance to break rank and move into enhanced spheres of creamy goddess/​tahini/​pomegranate syrup/​pesto/​and almost any­thing goes kind of dress­ings. Exper­i­ment.

Cus­tomize as desired. A Super Bowl Bar can be self serve for fam­ily, friends and cel­e­brated gath­er­ings. Assem­ble and present ingre­di­ents by bot­tom of bowl to top and by color and tex­ture. Each bowl will likely look dif­fer­ent from the rest.

Sprouts, frilly veg­etable ten­drils, pump­kin seeds, dried cran­ber­ries or coconut flakes poten­tially shift the theme.

Game day or any day, super bowls score extra points for the whole crowd.
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