A new year brings a clean slate with high hopes, dreams and every great pos­si­bil­ity.

Opti­mism abounds as we pack away orna­ments and reflect on the pass­ing hol­i­day sea­son.

Res­o­lu­tions swirl around improved eat­ing habits, exer­cise and renewed pos­i­tive behav­iors.

Key to com­mit­ment is mak­ing a rou­tine of the hatched plan. Cre­ative types might be famil­iar with the “One Hun­dred Day Chal­lenge”. This could breath life into most new year’s deci­sions look­ing to alter reg­u­lar daily reg­i­mens.

Land on one small thing to do for the course of one hun­dred con­sec­u­tive days. For artists (and other “cre­atives”), it means choos­ing one exer­cise like writ­ing, sketch­ing, tak­ing pho­tos, draw­ing, etc. and then doing that task each day. Doc­u­ment­ing the daily task is part of the project.

Decid­edly sim­ple, yes? Decep­tively chal­leng­ing as well. Record­ing each day’s effort will give some frame­work to tak­ing on this per­sonal endeavor.

Pro­cras­ti­na­tion ten­den­cies can be bro­ken with a 100 day agree­ment. Start­ing points do not have to be at the first of the new year or month. Pick the best block of days that fit a par­tic­u­lar lifestyle.

Find resolve in a stick-​to-​it-​ness. Set aside the appro­pri­ate time and sched­ule it. Main­tain the appoint­ment with pri­or­ity.

If the project is focused on health­ier eat­ing habits, plan ahead.

Remove the old temp­ta­tions from the pantry. Stock up on fresh ingre­di­ents. Peruse cook­books for clean eat­ing menu options.

Per­haps the chal­lenge is to deep clean the kitchen. Choose one drawer, bin, shelf or appli­ance a day to tackle. Doc­u­ment with before & after pho­tos.

When is the last time the spice jars got some atten­tion? Pick one spin­ning tray a day. San­i­tize it. Purge old spices. Clean the remain­ing jars and replace them on the fresh turnta­bles.

If kitchen clean­ing isn’t reward­ing enough, move in another direc­tion. Relin­quish night­time tele­vi­sion watch­ing and replace it with quiet med­i­ta­tion. Ten min­utes a day will work magic on a psy­che.

Above the din of foot­ball noise, cook­ing shows and com­pet­i­tive tal­ent shows lies the uplift­ing world of read­ing for learn­ing, plea­sure and sheer poetry. Ted Talks and other pod­casts can be equally pos­i­tive.

Plan for a cel­e­bra­tion of some fash­ion at the end of the chal­lenge to acknowl­edge a cul­mi­na­tion of achieve­ment. Daily suc­cesses aggre­gate in the end into new actions and habits. #100 Days.

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