The cal­en­dar page says Novem­ber so all bets are off. The imme­di­ate feel of this new month takes on a more fes­tive and impres­sive aura.

Maybe we start to pay closer atten­tion to every detail of the plate. Is it pos­si­ble to have even more col­ors avail­able when using fresh ingre­di­ents this month?

The shift towards apples, pears and cit­rus is evi­dent as they crowd out peaches and nec­tarine dis­plays. Hard squashes and root veg­eta­bles make their way to menu selec­tions at food­ser­vice venues.

Besides pump­kin every­thing (food and bev­er­ages), there are some easy ways to add drama to the plate. Take Sat­suma man­darins, com­ing on region­ally through­out Cal­i­for­nia, are a good start to glam­our.

These delight­ful hand fruits have a zip peel and make the per­fect any­time snack. When the indi­vid­ual seg­ments are sep­a­rated, they brighten up a morn­ing break­fast and do more than dec­o­rate a sup­per dish. They perk up a ho-​hum serv­ing right away with a pop of color.

These vibrant lit­tle orange guys (inside and out) are juicy, seed­less and offer a slightly tart and sweet burst in one per­fect bite. Dress up any meal or snack time plate by sim­ply fan­ning out a few smiles of fall man­darins as a superb treat.

Pome­gran­ate arils are the next pretty thing that can add flair to a dish.

Sea­sonal aware­ness cur­rently high­lights fresh pome­gran­ates in gro­cery stores. The tedious job of crack­ing them open and fetch­ing the seeds is a road­block to some humans.

Using “value added” pom seeds (seeds removed from pith and pre-​packaged) dis­misses any too messy excuse not to use them.

These ruby col­ored jew­els ele­vate sal­ads, dips, sal­sas, entrees and jams. The glam­our shot of these stun­ning seeds scat­tered about makes any dish a stand out. A light bulb moment of using them when they are avail­able means plan­ning ahead.

Make a men­tal note before roast­ing cau­li­flower, hard squash and root veg­eta­bles. Top­ping the plat­ter with fresh pome­gran­ate seeds adds more inter­est and pushes the pre­sen­ta­tion.

Every­day meals and hol­i­day cel­e­bra­tions require more of us through­out the month. Tips such as using edi­ble gar­nishes– fresh herbs, tree nuts, pine nuts, cit­rus (with zest and peels) and micro greens keeps pro­duce active and present.

The first look at “what’s on the plate” can tell the story of what sea­sonal fla­vors can be enjoyed. Glam it up!

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