Shav­ing off sev­eral degrees from day­time tem­per­a­tures makes fall seem more real­is­tic. The ther­mome­ter is catch­ing up to the cal­en­dar.

We’re on our way. So too is fall décor for plan­ning har­vest dis­plays, front porch vignettes and spe­cial work­place designs.

Autumn col­ors gen­er­ate lots of inter­est in the DIY home and work dec­o­rat­ing ideas.

From tablescapes to land­scapes, pump­kins, gourds, wreaths and foliage are ready paint the town red, orange, pur­ple and green.

Sun­flow­ers, mums and wheat shafts com­bine with orna­men­tal mini corn and gar­lands of leaves, acorns and mini pump­kins for door hang­ings and handrail swags.

Corn stalks and straw bales out­line retail dis­plays. Mass pump­kin patches include scare­crows, bushel bas­kets and farm tools for authen­tic look­ing fall themes.

Using fresh har­vest items, rather than plas­tic pur­chases from the dis­count stores keeps a con­nec­tion to nature. There is a vibrancy and charm to the fresh over fake turn­ing hues in all shapes, sizes and tex­tures.

Aware­ness is key to any esthetic, par­tic­u­larly in home envi­ron­ments. Find a way to let per­son­al­ity and fam­ily traits shine through.

Sophis­ti­cated and ele­gant, cozy farm­house, whim­si­cal and play­ful— there’s a style to fall décor that wel­comes every­one.

Cut branches with inter­est­ing pods, berries or seeds still attached are stun­ning when placed in a favorite vase.

Trea­sures and found nat­ural objects are just a brisk walk out­side the door. Need an alibi when hunt­ing down acorns, seed pods, oak balls, leaves or euca­lyp­tus pods? Take the dog for a walk.

China berries, bay leaves and curly wil­low branches look fan­tas­tic this time of year. So do dried flower tops from the gar­den rem­nants that need groom­ing. Poppy flower tops are a per­sonal favorite.

All of nature is erupt­ing with color. There are neu­tral col­ors (white, green and grey) that appeal to some over the louder oranges and reds. Pick a palette and find what there is to work with. Jar­radale pump­kins and hub­bard squashes nail the greenish-​grey look.

Chances are, there are some intrigu­ing ves­sels, crates, bas­kets or bowls wait­ing in inven­tory for just the right fall state­ment.
Cheer­ful, clever ideas can be found on the inter­net. No need to over-​complicate things.

Select a few appeal­ing fresh har­vest items and away we go.

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