Every­one loves pie, right? No argu­ment there. The only thing that might come close to sur­pass­ing pie is to have an indi­vid­ual hand pie all to one’s self.

We’re not talk­ing about those gar­den vari­ety, store bought, waxed paper wrapped, card­board crust, sug­ary coated, fake fill­ing small pies. Nope.

Instead, the bar is set high for ten­der, flaky pie crusts, ready for portable, lovely cre­ations burst­ing with local ingre­di­ents.

Crisp, cool evenings war­rant get­ting back into the kitchen with the folks we love to hang out with. Hand pies are the stuff that mem­o­ries are made of when we include friends, fam­ily mem­bers and even cowork­ers if one is so inclined.

It really doesn’t mat­ter if scratch bak­ing skills are not per­fected. There are plenty of “secret recipes and tips” avail­able to make the process less daunting.

A few that come to mind– a touch of vine­gar or vodka in the dough, ice water is key, *Crisco short­en­ing not but­ter, frozen but­ter kept cold and never, ever over­work the dough.

The tiny shaped pies are per­haps more for­giv­ing than a whole large pie. Folded over or cut out crusts hold a num­ber of sweet or savory fall fill­ings.

Late sea­son black­ber­ries or olal­lieber­ries are being picked now for this stu­pen­dous use. Plump, sweet – tart berries ooze their pur­ple juice from the crevices of fresh baked hand made pies. Clas­sic new crop apples, pears and pump­kins are someone’s idea of fall pie per­fec­tion.

Pecans and wal­nuts are too. Cin­na­mon, cloves and nut­meg set off the olfac­tory alarms in a big way.

To make the per­fect solo sized pie, use a small round salad plate or saucer as a tem­plate. Invert it on the rolled out pie dough sheet and cut around the edges with a knife.

This freshly cut base is now ready for any num­ber of sump­tu­ous fill­ings. Load up half the round with a desired stuff­ing, fold over the dough and crimp with fin­gers or fork tines to seal the half moons.

Con­sider arti­choke hearts, spinach, mush­rooms, pota­toes, cheese and pre­ferred pro­teins for the fill­ings. Fresh herbs lend them­selves to the effort with dis­tinc­tive fla­vor accom­pa­ni­ment.

These lit­tle pocket pies are per­fect for bagged lunches, after school snack­ing and game day tail gate par­ties.

Crisp autumn days seem meant for golden baked crusts with yummy fill­ings. The inspired recipes pro­mote a healthy, happy day for both kids and adults. Personal-​sized pies are just right for eat­ing all in one sit­ting.

Portable and con­ve­nient, hand pies strike a note with on the go busy indi­vid­u­als and fam­i­lies. Hol­i­day bak­ing is around the cor­ner. Keep them on the radar for fes­tive brunch and dessert tables.

Hand pies. A nod to good­ness and great­ness.

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