Play­off games and the Super Bowl are one giant invi­ta­tion for Amer­i­cans to snack. New year’s res­o­lu­tions to “eat bet­ter” go out the win­dow once game time grabs our atten­tion.

The req­ui­site chips, crack­ers, dips, salty nuts, meat and cheese plat­ters make graz­ing part of the tele­vi­sion watch­ing foot­ball ritual.

Pots of chili, grilled sausages, and foot long sand­wiches have tra­di­tion­ally fed large crowds for game-​watching. This year, smaller house­hold gath­er­ings will pre­vail for com­mon sense activity.

Fewer mouths to feed doesn’t elim­i­nate those highly crave-​able game day foods. A bag of Ruf­fles potato chips and French onion dip come to mind. Clas­sic, yes, but cer­tainly not on the 2021 snack res­o­lu­tion list.

The thing about mind­ful eat­ing is plan­ning and prepa­ra­tion that goes in to it. A full day or after­noon of munch­ing is best served by a decent pre­lim­i­nary strat­egy. Set a good inten­tion to include guilt-​free munchies. They won’t kill the health­ier eat­ing goals already estab­lished. Real foods equal good eat­ing.

An abun­dance of beau­ti­ful cru­dites is sim­ply irre­sistible. Par­tic­u­larly so when art­fully arranged on a cut­ting board or nice plat­ter. Tasty dips that break with condi­ment con­ven­tion make for guilt-​free nib­bling and heighten the Super Bowl experience.

Cru­dites are noth­ing more than a lovely, col­or­ful assort­ment of veg­eta­bles (all raw or some par­tially cooked). They can be of all one color pal­let like win­ter whites, green greens, or a rain­bow of hues.

Take care in veg­gie selec­tion, wash­ing and slic­ing. Remov­ing any dirt or residue may also include some peel­ing of outer skins.

Cut­ting them length­wise or on the diag­o­nal will give more visual inter­est to heir­loom car­rots, snap peas and sweet bell pep­pers. Ici­cle or water­melon radishes are in them­selves cap­ti­vat­ing and unusual.

Hari­cots verts, pur­ple cau­li­flower or aspara­gus build more tex­ture and veg­etable fla­vors. Win­ter still packs plenty of crunch by using kohlrabi, turnips and other shaved or cubed root vegetables.

Herbed ricotta cheese, but­ter­milk, goat cheese and yogurt vie for top spot on the dip­ping spec­trum. Move away from stan­dard defaults of mayo, sour cream and cream cheese.

Avo­ca­dos are still a Super Bowl cham­pion. Try mash­ing them in dips besides gua­camole. Fan­tas­tic for a num­ber of health ben­e­fits, avo­ca­dos are nutri­ent dense.

Tackle this year’s game day spread with an epic board of plant-​based fan favorites.

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