‘Tis the sea­son for serv­ing up spe­cial treats for every hol­i­day fes­tiv­ity. Snacks, drinks and baked goods have per­mis­sion to go a lit­tle hol­i­day crazy.

Ordi­nary bev­er­ages and plain Jane snack foods get a waver on being one hun­dred per­cent healthy this time of year.

The addi­tion of alco­hol, sugar and but­ter adds up over the extended hol­i­day period. From din­ner par­ties and open houses to office potlucks and neigh­bor­hood gath­er­ings, con­sump­tion of those off limit ingre­di­ents is off the charts.

Good news then that pro­duce offer­ings give us a chance to include some fla­vor boost­ers that are rel­a­tively harm­less. If not for calo­ries alone, their wel­comed pos­i­tive affects seem to present “magic pow­ers”.

The peels of cit­rus fruits such as oranges, man­darins, tan­ger­ines, lemons and grape­fruit con­tain potently scented nat­ural oils that release into the air when the peel is bro­ken. Their scent has been proven to be a pow­er­ful mood booster.

Adding cit­rus peel or slices to hol­i­day prepa­ra­tions can give us a shot of energy when most needed. Sim­ply tast­ing the bright, juicy and nat­u­rally sweet fla­vor of a fresh clemen­tine or grape­fruit will send plea­sure sig­nals to the brain.

Apples, pome­gran­ates and cran­ber­ries have amaz­ing ben­e­fits, too. Take advan­tage of these super power per­form­ers for more than color, taste and tex­ture.

Punc­tu­ate the point that good for the body isn’t a sac­ri­fice on good taste. Include win­ter pears, dried fruits, dates, nuts and spices in warm­ing recipes that con­tribute to feel­ing good.

Cin­na­mon and gin­ger boast a wealth of antiox­i­dant prop­er­ties. Sooth tum­mies, fight off germs and con­trol over eat­ing impulses with these two sea­sonal favorites.

Eggnog, bread pud­ding and pies get glam­or­ized using spices. Nut­meg and star anise are on board for recipes found online or those retrieved from the tat­tered and worn fam­ily cook­book.

Bring some san­ity to food and drink indul­gences. A sim­ple glass of sparkling water with a few cran­ber­ries and slice of lime con­veys cel­e­bra­tion. The bub­bly and fruit com­bi­na­tion awak­ens every sense. No need to com­pli­cate it. A sprig of mint? Okay. Nat­ural sug­ars and spices make every thing nicer.

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