Sweet­Stem Cau­li­flower is a bras­sica veg­etable, like broc­coli, cau­li­flower, and Broc­col­ini.

“Caulilini”, as it is named by pro­duc­ers Mann Pack­ing, is visu­ally quite sim­i­lar to Broc­col­ini. It has an open flo­ret struc­ture and long edi­ble stem.

There are still a few dis­tinc­tions worth not­ing. Unlike BROC­COL­INI® baby broc­coli, which is a hybrid of broc­coli and Chi­nese kale (gai lan), CAULILINI® baby cau­li­flower is 100 per­cent cau­li­flower.

Another dif­fer­ence is that it also grows in heads, not sin­gle stalks. The result­ing flo­rets offer vari­a­tion in shape and size that also set it apart from Broc­col­ini.

With its sweet, slightly nutty fla­vor and ombre col­or­ing (the stem turns bright green when cooked while the flo­rets stay light), CAULILINI® baby cau­li­flower brings a “wow” fac­tor to the plate.

A favorite cook­ing method is grilling. It’s also deli­cious sautéed with plenty of gar­lic, roasted, or even raw as a unique addi­tion to a cru­dité platter.

This unique cau­li­flower prod­uct is a culi­nary curios­ity and brings some drama to the table.

Twenty one years ago, BROC­COL­INI® baby broc­coli was intro­duced to con­sumers.

It is served daily in fine din­ing restau­rants, gro­cery stores, and even in fast food chains like Chick-​Fil-​A. So pop­u­lar and com­mon, most peo­ple may not real­ize it is a trade­marked name.

Still fairly new on the scene, suc­cu­lent and sweet CAULILINI promises to grow in pop­u­lar­ity as it becomes more avail­able in the mar­ket­place.

Intro­duced to chefs last sum­mer, more of our favorite din­ing spots are catch­ing on to CAULILINI® baby cau­li­flower. When you see it, try it. Word of mouth will cre­ate grow­ing demand. Retail packs are just now being made avail­able.

This dar­ling of the bras­sica fam­ily is mak­ing things more inter­est­ing in the kitchen. Avail­able year-​round, a neu­tral tast­ing veg­etable like this can take ordi­nary cau­li­flower prepa­ra­tions to new lev­els.

The grace­ful stems could look at home in a flo­ral vase. By all means, put them on a plate. Pickle them. Tem­pura them. Sauté them. These kiss­ing cousins are a hit!

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