Doesn’t it seem like we all know some­one who has recently had or is about to have a surgery of some kind?

Besides “Get Well” card greet­ings, feel­ing bet­ter and quick recov­ery depends on the right post surgery meals.

Eat­ing the right foods after surgery can pro­mote faster heal­ing and min­i­mize the swelling, bruis­ing and the inflam­ma­tion that often accom­pany any type of sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure.

Cer­tain foods can also min­i­mize diges­tive upset caused by antibi­otics and pre­vent con­sti­pa­tion caused by pain med­i­cines. Prop­erly fuel­ing the body sup­plies the energy needed to get back to nor­mal rou­tines.

Whole, unprocessed foods are the best way to approach post op meals. Lean pro­teins, fiber filled foods and fer­mented dairy (pro­bi­otics) assist in get­ting things on track diges­tively and heal­ing wise.

Fruits, veg­etable, nuts and legumes are always a sound dietary choice. The stress of surgery on the body make them pow­er­fully impor­tant.

Boost antiox­i­dant lev­els by eat­ing col­ored fruits like blue­ber­ries, straw­ber­ries, rasp­ber­ries, black­ber­ries, cher­ries, and pome­gran­ates.

Orange fruits and veg­eta­bles make good sense. Sweet pota­toes are a superb source of beta carotene and vit­a­min A. Vit­a­min A is needed for the repair and main­te­nance of soft tis­sue, mucus mem­branes, and skin.

Other excel­lent sources of beta carotene include car­rots, dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, can­taloupe, mango and dried apri­cots.

Bell pep­pers are an excel­lent source of vit­a­min C, which is a water-​soluble vit­a­min that helps cross-​link col­la­gen. Col­la­gen is the most abun­dant pro­tein in the body and cru­cial to proper wound heal­ing. Other excel­lent sources of vit­a­min C include guava, kale, cit­rus fruit, kiwi fruit, and broc­coli.

Hav­ing a robust immune sys­tem plays a key role in ward­ing off infec­tions after surgery. Veg­eta­bles that con­tain indoles (phy­tonu­tri­ents that boost immune health), include Brus­sels sprouts, cab­bage and cau­li­flower.

Mush­rooms also sup­port a healthy immune sys­tem and have anti-​inflammatory prop­er­ties. Try new ones besides cri­m­ini — maitake, shi­take or oys­ter.

Rest and reha­bil­i­ta­tion are typ­i­cally part of doctor’s orders fol­low­ing the trauma that surgery imposes on the body. Heal­ing from the inside out man­dates a healthy daily reg­i­men of foods that pro­mote well­ness. Yay, good for recov­ery foods!

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