Bril­liant food ideas that save some kitchen time, improve taste or ele­vate pre­sen­ta­tion are those which get adopted and are used over and over again.

Youtube is full of amus­ing video con­tent that show the magic of every­thing from using ice cube trays to den­tal floss in the kitchen.

Tips for mak­ing the per­fect poached egg or sin­gle serve gua­camole are not exactly life-​altering. They can be enter­tain­ing and maybe even make us feel smarter.

The tricks of putting a microwave oven to good use are fas­ci­nat­ing. Dry­ing fresh herbs or effort­lessly peel­ing gar­lic and toma­toes put heat­ing water or broth on the bot­tom rung.

Other brain­storms are fun and make impres­sive food theatre.

Need to peel a bunch of gar­lic cloves? There are numer­ous sug­ges­tions avail­able. One way– smash the whole bulb of gar­lic, shoot side up with the a heavy pan or the heel of your hand. Put the cloves inside a large glass jar and put the lid on tight. Shake, shake, shake. This will sep­a­rate the cloves from the skin in short order. Eas­ier than mix­ing a cock­tail.

Cut Cherry or grape toma­toes in half with ease. Start with two rimmed plas­tic lids of match­ing size, such as the tops of cream cheese con­tain­ers. Place bot­tom lid rim side up. Add as many pre-​washed toma­toes as will fit in the bot­tom lid. Cover them with sec­ond lid, rim side down. With one hand, press gen­tly on the top lid, and, using a ser­rated knife, slice toma­toes between lid. Ta da!

How best to remove corn from the cob. Cut an end off the corn cob to get a flat sur­face. Place flat end of the corn cob on end on counter lined with parch­ment. Using knife, slice down­ward along the sides of the cob to remove ker­nels. Rotate and repeat.

Neu­tral­ize odors with used tea bags. All of that brewed iced tea makes good use of those spent tea bags. The dried tea leaves absorb offen­sive smells in clos­ets, draw­ers and cab­i­nets. Repur­pose and reduce waste.

Give veg­etable peel­ers and other one-​job tools like egg-​slicers more work. Slice mush­rooms or straw­ber­ries in the egg slicer. Grate rib­bons of cheese or choco­late bars with the veg­gie peeler. Keep it handy for other genius solu­tions.

Grilling veg­eta­bles on a pizza stone gives a sec­ond life to this one-​dimensional resource. Keep it handy all sum­mer for on the grill cook­ing that takes the sting out of “it’s too hot to be inside”.

How­ever we come across them, steal­ing great chef or cook smarts is worth the hack.

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