Smart cook­ers like Instant Pots are enjoy­ing a moment. This cel­e­brated multi-​cooker is touted as capa­ble of replac­ing seven dif­fer­ent appli­ances.

It brags of doing the work of a slow cooker, an elec­tric pres­sure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/​browning pan, and food-​warming pot.

Cook­ing speed may be the sin­gle most advan­tage of going for the Instant Pot. This is par­tic­u­larly true if cook­ing some meats is high on the menu. Shav­ing time off of ribs, roasts and whole chicken mat­ters.

Risotto and dried beans seem to cook in record time. Soups and stews from scratch develop depth of fla­vor with­out turn­ing on the stove or oven.

Not every­one wants or needs sev­eral (or even one more) kitchen gad­get tak­ing up shelf space. Com­pe­ti­tion among food proces­sors, stand mix­ers, blenders, juicers and var­i­ous cof­fee mak­ers is fierce within most households.
If Santa skipped over your res­i­dence this hol­i­day sea­son, don’t despair. Dust off the slow cooker hid­den in the bot­tom of the cup­board. Revisit the pro­po­nents pro­vided of hav­ing one and plug it in for a warm win­ter meal.

Cook­ing some­thing overnight is easy with a slow cooker. No need to worry about burn­ing with a con­sis­tent tem­per­a­ture avoids that. “Set it and for­get it” makes for a wel­comed meal solu­tion after a busy work day.

The slow cooker has always been a great way to make a fam­ily meal. It is espe­cially con­ve­nient for stews, soups, entrees and side dishes.

It might not be the first choice for some veg­etable dishes. Take a look at how to use one to pre­pare veg­etable casseroles or roast beets, pota­toes and other root veg­eta­bles.

Crock Pot Veg­etable Basics: When cook­ing lay­ered dishes with root veg­eta­bles, place them on the bot­tom of the pot. In first, pota­toes, onions, car­rots, turnips, and rutaba­gas. Add meat or other veg­eta­bles next and any liq­uids go in last.

Cut or slice veg­eta­bles uni­formly to allow them to cook evenly. Bite-​sized pieces are pre­ferred unless the recipe instructs oth­er­wise. Ten­der veg­eta­bles like peas, broc­coli, kale and cau­li­flower should be added dur­ing the last thirty min­utes to one hour of cook­ing.

Egg­plant, arti­chokes and spaghetti squash are three, some­times chal­leng­ing, veg­etable nicely treated by slow cooker meth­ods.

Take advan­tage of some­thing read­ily avail­able. Cook with com­fort and ease. Repur­pose that old slow cooker with fresh recipes built around healthy pro­duce options.

Going fast isn’t a bad thing. Tak­ing it slow has def­i­nite advan­tages too!

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