A sym­bol of pros­per­ity and abun­dance, exquis­ite pome­gran­ates have long been cher­ished for their beauty, ben­e­fits and unique taste.

The ruby red bulbs are dif­fi­cult to resist as they begin to appear in our fall mar­ket­place.

In North Amer­ica, pome­gran­ates have tra­di­tion­ally only been avail­able from around Octo­ber through Jan­u­ary.

Con­sumer demand has called on sup­pli­ers to import fruit from the south­ern hemi­sphere dur­ing the off-​season. This means, pom arils (the edi­ble inter­nal seed) has become a year-​round jewel for sal­ads, dips, baked goods and out of hand eat­ing.

The delight­ful, sweet-​tart crunchy seeds perk up nearly any plate with their sassy color and burst of tangy juice. This is real party food for adults, turn­ing the ordi­nary in to a fes­tive occasion.

Just a few of the glis­ten­ing seeds top­ping a cheese spread bruschetta or green veg­etable side (bok choy, green beans or spinach) sug­gests a spe­cial meal expe­ri­ence.

Plain oat­meal gets a morn­ing makeover with the irre­sistible addi­tion of nuts and pome­gran­ate seeds. Cit­rus, bananas, apples and pears are other per­fect break­fast part­ners.

Gar­nish for soups, mains and desserts get the royal treat­ment using pom power. Fresh herbs com­pli­ment the dra­matic affect of pom arils.

Cock­tail time gets the Cin­derella treat­ment with a few red splashes of arils dropped into a flute of cham­pagne. Mixed drinks, adult or oth­er­wise, inspire ball­room danc­ing with pome­gran­ate seeds.

“Open Sesame” — Fol­low a “No Mess” method for cap­tur­ing the seeds from the fruit:

Water Method– Cut off the crown. Cut the pome­gran­ate into sec­tions. Place the sec­tions in a bowl of cold water. Roll out the arils with your fin­gers. Dis­card the skin and mem­branes. Strain out the water.

Tra­di­tional Method– Cut the crown end off a pome­gran­ate, remov­ing with it some of the white pith. Lightly score the skin in quar­ters, from the stem to the crown end. Firmly break the sec­tions apart, fol­low­ing the score lines. Bend back the skin and gen­tly scoop the seed clus­ters into a bowl. Remove any pith.

Gather the seeds or pur­chase them in con­sumer ready packs. Be pre­pared to ele­vate the deliv­ery of any serv­ing with pome­gran­ate power.

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