Anthony Bourdain’s indeli­ble mark is as large as the void cre­ated by his absence. Three months after his unex­pected death, the food world still mourns.

Shar­ing meals has the abil­ity to bring peo­ple closer together. Anthony’s tal­ent was in show­cas­ing cul­tural diver­sity with­out judg­ment.

It may be impos­si­ble to quite fill the hal­lowed ground trav­elled by “Parts Unknown”, the CNN series that took us across the nation and around the world. The human con­di­tion was com­monly explored in every episode.

Pol­i­tics and cui­sine fre­quently inter­sect. There are any num­ber of issues related to food that push farm­ers, restau­rants, retail­ers and con­sumers to higher ground and social advo­cacy.

Sus­tain­abil­ity through grow­ing prac­tices, water usage, land preser­va­tion, labor prac­tices, immi­gra­tion pol­icy and food safety all impact our food sys­tem. Being informed on all such mat­ters is the tough part.

Sto­ry­telling is dif­fer­ent from relay­ing mere facts and fig­ures. The why and how of some­thing being done car­ries an under­stand­ing of prac­tice. Ask­ing ques­tions and wait­ing for the answers is a way to cul­ti­vate more than a script.

Curios­ity and accep­tance of oth­ers— no mat­ter the dif­fer­ences— builds trust. Lis­ten­ing seems to be a dimin­ish­ing human qual­ity in this loud world of tech­nol­ogy.

For any­one well trav­elled or per­haps one who vis­its even an unfa­mil­iar neigh­bor­hood, food becomes the equal­izer.

Find­ing com­mon ground with the per­son who rolls the sushi, brews the beer or grills the egg­plant is pre­cisely the point of feed­ing our col­lec­tive mind.

Walk­ing a mile in the shoes that pick the berries, apples and pears gives an appre­ci­a­tion of the sub­stan­tial hard work involved in food pro­duc­tion. So dif­fi­cult that farm­ers are mak­ing tough choices on what to plant when and what may go un-​harvested.

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