Last month, we were invited to host another PRO*ACT Recipe Chal­lenge with our employ­ees. This time, we were selected by Tay­lor Farms to try out their Cau­li­flower Pearls. Cau­li­flower has been trend­ing as a great carb sub­sti­tute and is com­monly used as a rice or potato replace­ment, so this con­ve­nient prod­uct was cre­ated to meet those demands.

On Mon­day, Sep­tem­ber 18, our res­i­dent GP “Chefs” made 12 deli­cious dishes with recipes they devel­oped just for this chal­lenge and recipes they already knew and loved from their favorite food blog­gers. The com­mon opin­ion among the Chefs is that the pre­cut Cau­li­flower Pearls saved them time by cut­ting out the prep­ping steps of wash­ing, cut­ting, and pro­cess­ing cau­li­flower. With how deli­cious all of these dishes are, that’s a huge win for any­one who wants to recre­ate them.

Speak­ing of wins, our recipe chal­lenge cham­pi­ons this time are Linda Luka, Mar­vin Wat­son and Traci Ennis. Linda achieved first place with a Lemony Cau­li­flower Cake that was rem­i­nis­cent of both cheese­cake and ice cream cake at the same time. Mar­vin suc­cess­fully defended his sec­ond place spot with his Cau­li­flower Pearls Frit­ters w/​Moz­zarella paired with a refresh­ing Yogurt Dip. Traci came in third with her Curry Cau­li­flower Rice with Pineap­ple, Sausage & Shrimp, a com­fort­ing and fla­vor­ful dish.

Check out all the pho­tos and recipes of the dishes below:

First Place: Lemony Cau­li­flower Cake (Recipe from Uncon­ven­tional Baker)
Linda Luka

Sec­ond Place: Cau­li­flower Pearls Frit­ters w/​Moz­zarella + Yogurt Dip
Mar­vin Wat­son

Third Place: Curry Cau­li­flower Rice w/​Pineap­ple, Sausage & Shrimp
Traci Ennis

Korean Kim­bap (김밥) w/​Cau­li­flower Rice (Inspired by Maangchi, replaced short grain rice w/​Tay­lor Farms Cau­li­flower Pearls & added enoki mush­rooms as a fill­ing)
Jen­nifer Ho

Cau­li­flower Frit­ters + Salsa & Cau­li­flower Cheese Dip
Ofe­lia Gon­za­les de Botello

Curry Cau­li­flower
Adri­enne Chan

One Pot Soup w/​Cau­li­flower Pearls
Linda Unden

Cau­li­flower Pearls Gnoc­chi
Leila Perez

Mediter­ranean Rata­touille w/​Cau­li­flower Pearls & Ital­ian Sausage
Mar­vin Wat­son

Fruit Smoothie w/​Cau­li­flower Pearls
Adri­enne Chan

Cau­li­flower Pesto on Veg­gie Flat­bread
Adri­enne Chan

Asian-​Style Cau­li­flower Stir-​Fry
Adri­enne Chan