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Not every­one is blessed with the tal­ents of a great pas­try chef. A chem­istry class at times seems eas­ier than fol­low­ing an elab­o­rate dessert recipe.

Not to worry. That same casual approach to sum­mer din­ing allows for sweet for­give­ness when it comes to summer’s famed desserts.

Pair­ing the best exquis­ite sea­sonal fruits with the sim­ple, rus­tic meth­ods of care­free desserts require almost no kitchen skills.

Light-​hearted clas­sics include fruit galettes, clafoutis, crisps and cob­blers.

The impre­cise, free-​form galette is more of an imper­fectly shaped pie or tart — filled with the good­ness of sliced berries, cher­ries, peaches, nec­tarines, plums, pears, apri­cots, apples, rhubarb or any com­bi­na­tion of on-​hand sum­mer fruits. The dough is folded in on itself giv­ing it an irreg­u­lar, but entic­ing look to the pastry.

Clafouti is a clas­sic French dessert which resem­bles a fruit filled cus­tard or sweet frit­tata. Native to France, clafouti has made its way to pop­u­lar dessert tables around the globe.

Given that clafouti is very easy to make and it has an ele­gant pre­sen­ta­tion, it is an excel­lent choice of a quick dessert for din­ner par­ties. A tra­di­tional clafouti is made with cher­ries. Now is a per­fect tie to fea­ture those jew­els of sum­mer.

Any sort of fruit could be used. Purists call non-​cherry clafouti flog­narde.

Fruit is lay­ered with a dense bat­ter and baked until the bat­ter puffs up. The dessert is allowed to cool only slightly before being served with whipped cream, ice cream, crème anglaise.

It can be served directly from the bak­ing dish or in indi­vid­ual ramekins for sin­gle serv­ings.

Fruit crisps and cob­blers are noto­ri­ous for their sweet, crunchy top­pings. They are sim­ple to make and as ele­gant or as hum­ble as pre­ferred.

The base, made of fruit, is what lit­er­ally gets the juices flow­ing. Choose and com­bine from what looks to be the best of the day. Top­pings call for only a few key ingre­di­ents– flour, sugar, but­ter and per­haps pinch of cin­na­mon, driz­zle of honey or hand­ful of nuts.

Guests will fully appre­ci­ate some­thing so sweet and won­der­fully pre­pared from peak of sea­son fruits. High­light the best of show and the regional gems.

A finale to an excel­lent sum­mer meal requires no spe­cial tech­nique. Sweet for­give­ness is just fruit mixed with a lit­tle imagination.