• Cool in the Shade

    Sum­mer heat waves are a spring­board for wild, trop­i­cal fan­tasies. Refresh­ing, cool drinks quench hot weather thirst. Explore Poly­ne­sian island dreams with a tra­di­tional sum­mer­time bev­er­age. Stay­ing hydrated and replen­ished has never been tastier.

    Along­side kava, otai is one of the most rec­og­niz­able and defin­ing drinks from Tonga.

    Otai is a fruit drink which is usu­ally made as a sum­mer­time refresh­ment. Sure, it can make an appear­ance at wed­dings and birth­day par­ties, too. Let’ s all agree, if there is a cel­e­bra­tion under­way in Tonga or Samoa, likely that otai will be at the cen­ter of the punch bowl. That bowl may be the hol­lowed out por­tion of a water­melon half.

    This blend of water and coconut milk takes it up a step with any vari­ety of pulped trop­i­cal fruits. Coconut, water­melon, mango, and pineap­ple are typ­i­cal. With water­melon so plen­ti­ful in Tonga, that choice is read­ily available.