• Food Smarts

    When food inter­sects with tech­nol­ogy, pas­sion and inno­va­tion are the log­i­cal by-​products.

    Pay­ing atten­tion to most recent dis­rup­tions in the food chain, clearly, tech­nol­ogy has become a game changer in how we eat.

    Agribusi­nesses, retail gro­cers and restau­rants all wres­tle with the lat­est and great­est brainy-​act ideas pro­vided by com­put­ers, big data and smart devices.

    From ver­ti­cal farm­ing to social media, tech­nol­ogy is on the menu. Elec­tronic based order­ing and pay­ment sys­tems for food are becom­ing more preva­lent. In most cities, home and office deliv­ery is read­ily available.

    Uber has launched “Uber Eats” in selected geo­graph­ics for on-​demand meal deliv­ery in under ten min­utes. Other sim­i­lar ser­vices are pro­vided by the likes of Food Jets, Spoon Rocket and Grub Hub in Cal­i­for­nia. Most urban cities have like-​minded food services.