pro­duce preparation

  • Bright & Tangy

    Tart and tangy, with an under­ly­ing sweet­ness, win­ter grape­fruit offer bright­ness to the cold days of Jan­u­ary.

    This juicy piece of cit­rus shines by pro­mot­ing good nutri­tion while deliv­er­ing a zippy taste.

    Orig­i­nally known as “the for­bid­den fruit”, grape­fruit made its way to the United States in the early 1800’s via the Span­ish and French set­tlers who brought seeds to Florida.

    From there, Span­ish mis­sion­ar­ies are cred­ited for bring­ing grape­fruit west to Texas, Ari­zona and Cal­i­for­nia.

    Although avail­able year-​round, they are in sea­son and at their best from win­ter through early spring.
  • Figs

    David John III dif­fer­en­ti­ates figs: Brown Turkey, Kadota, Tiger Striped.

  • Fresh Turmeric

    Turmeric: what it is, health ben­e­fits, prepa­ra­tion, usage.
  • Ital­ian Prune Plums

    David John III explains how to choose, ripen, use and enjoy this sea­sonal treat!

  • Jack­fruit

    Find out what Jack­fruit is, how to eat it, and what it tastes like. Try some­thing new!
  • Lovely Plums

    The rich hues of sum­mer plums lend them­selves to brightly col­ored desserts, jams, com­potes and other juicy sweet/​tart experiences.

    Deep pur­ples, vibrant reds, glow­ing ambers to yel­lows and vivid greens are the jew­eled “dru­pes” (stone fruits) worth wait­ing for.

    Plums are clas­si­fied into six gen­eral cat­e­gories — Japan­ese, Amer­i­can, Dam­son, Orna­men­tal, Wild and European/​Garden — whose size, shape and col­ors vary.

    Their rain­bow of vari­eties has come to include some fam­ily cousins that go by the name of plu­ots, plum­cots and apriums.
  • MVP’s

    Avail­able in a wide range of options– fresh, frozen and dehy­drated forms, spuds are a go to ingre­di­ent when it’s time to innovate.

    From side dishes to center-​of-​the-​plate, they hold their own no mat­ter how they are featured.

    Pota­toes remain one of America’s most pop­u­lar and beloved vegetables.

    The case for most valu­able player is backed up by solid nutri­tion and ample ver­sa­til­ity. Pota­toes play an impor­tant role in a bal­anced, healthy diet.
  • New CA Pota­toes

    Learn about New Pota­toes and how to use them.
  • Run­ner Beans (Mann’s Ten­der­bite Beans)

    These long, ten­der beans are a vari­ety called run­ner beans. Mann’s Pack­ing is re-​introducing them to the US as Ten­der­bites beans.

  • Vidalia Onions; Cac­tus Leaves

    David John dis­cusses how Vidalia onions dif­fer from other onions; how to pre­pare and enjoy cac­tus leaves.