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Aspara­gus is a mem­ber of the lily fam­ily and is related to onions and gar­lic. The spears are usu­ally not har­vested until the third or fourth year planted to allow the crown to develop a strong root sys­tem.

After that, the healthy plants will then pro­duce spears for about fif­teen years.

Cal­i­for­nia pos­sesses sev­eral micro-​climates ideal for aspara­gus pro­duc­tion. The 250 farms that grow the favored spring crop deliver on the promise of local, fresh and hand-​cared atten­tion.

Sev­eral regions through­out the state are ideal for grow­ing “grass”, includ­ing the Cen­tral Val­ley, the Cen­tral Coast and the Stock­ton Delta.

Nearly sev­enty per­cent of the nation’s fresh mar­ket aspara­gus is pro­duced in Cal­i­for­nia. Har­vest sea­son is about ninety days long, start­ing in March and run­ning through May.

This peren­nial crop is labor – inten­sive from har­vest to pack­ing. Work­ers walk the rows, scout­ing for nine inch green spears to har­vest. Aspara­gus is graded, sized and packed in sheds located near the fields to assure max­i­mum fresh­ness.
Early in the sea­son, spears may be picked every four days or so. As tem­per­a­tures warm up, they may have to be picked every day. Each spear grows about seven to nine inches per day. Depend­ing on weather and growth, beds maybe cut mul­ti­ple times per day.

Spears are trimmed to lengths of nine inches and bun­dled for sales. Typ­i­cally, a one pound bun­dle con­tains about 10 to 14 spears, depend­ing on size/​thickness of the stalks.

These bun­dles are then hand placed in twenty eight pound crates or car­tons designed for safe trans­port.

Spring aspara­gus has so many virtues. Ver­sa­til­ity is one of them. This veg­etable makes it’s way into tarts, quiches, sal­ads, soups, casseroles, entrees and sides.

Prepa­ra­tion can go in many direc­tions. Roasted and grilled are two stand­outs. Shaved or whole, spears, tips or pieces, a lit­tle bite of aspara­gus ele­vates a dish.

A per­fect part­ner, aspara­gus mar­ries well with eggs, salmon, cheese, pasta and rice. With spring hol­i­days or other upcom­ing cel­e­bra­tions, plan on incor­po­rat­ing aspara­gus some­how.

A stand alone class act — lemon, hol­landaise and fresh herbs kick up the taste pro­file. Keep­ing it sim­ple seems to take advan­tage of aspara­gus’ built in fla­vor.

Hand held appe­tiz­ers are dra­matic first starts to any din­ing expe­ri­ence. Panko-​ed and deep fried or pro­sciutto wrapped aspara­gus spears take the prize. Add a dip­ping sauce to these indul­gent fin­ger foods is over the top.

Air fry­ers are show­ing up in many kitchens. A light coat­ing of good olive oil, salt and pep­per are all that is needed for a quick, healthy ver­sion of this snack.

Our third and fourth gen­er­a­tion grow­ers in Cal­i­for­nia face all of the ag chal­lenges of labor work­force, water and weather that face other com­mod­ity grow­ers. Addi­tion­ally, con­cur­rent mar­kets from Mex­ico and Peru keep them work­ing harder to com­pete with imported prod­uct. Cal­i­for­nia grown is a proud ban­ner for asparagus.

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