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It’s not always easy to get inspired to cook. Even with a myr­iad of inter­net tuto­ri­als on grilling, sum­mer sautéing, and roast­ing, it’s some­times dif­fi­cult to muster any real cook­ing enthu­si­asm.

More meals are now being pre­pared at home dur­ing our stay in and stay safe pro­to­cols. There is no time like the present to dust off the stacks and piles of gifted or pur­chased cook books col­lected over the years.

Most have a trusted “go to” copy of Joy of Cook­ing or The Sil­ver Palate. Tat­tered, stained and gen­er­ally worn with pages lit­er­ally falling from the bind­ing, our most used ones are not in mint con­di­tion. How about the rest of the group? They are pris­tine, hardly cracked and wait­ing patiently for some kitchen love.

Now is the time to intro­duce your­self to the quiet of kitchen ther­apy. Recon­nect to fam­ily roots. Chan­nel the grand­mother or aun­tie in those more dif­fi­cult recipes we’ve always wanted to tackle.

Explore new places through the smells, plates and tastes of Africa, China, India, Mex­ico, Spain and Morocco. Go any­where in the world while con­fined to the com­forts of home.

There is also the mat­ter of mas­ter­ing cer­tain cook­ing tech­niques. Rolling, pinch­ing, knead­ing and brais­ing sur­prise us with pie, dumplings, bread or spicy veg­etable entrees and sides.

Stay­ing grounded dur­ing pre­car­i­ous times requires a mea­sure of focus for escape. Get­ting plugged in to cook­ing from a cook book can be just the rem­edy. The pre­scribed time and atten­tion allo­cated to cook­ing from a book is a good start.

Men­tal well-​being comes through cre­ative endeav­ors. Cook­ing is one of those life-​long pur­suits that builds on a solid foun­da­tion of under­stand­ing, skill and exe­cu­tion.

Read­ing the cook­books can also pro­duce sat­is­fac­tion. Hav­ing the free time to read through the sto­ries, appre­ci­ate the food pho­tographs and learn from the experts may yield a good meal at the end of the day.

Get out of the daily food rut. Take inven­tory of the pantry and the fridge. Find new ways to serve a sweet potato. Plan to use all of the egg­plant the gar­den pro­duced. Marry the figs to the feta, honey, and black pep­per­corn.

Veg­e­tar­ian cook­books are preva­lent and present lim­it­less, inge­nious recipes for cen­ter plate and sides. It would take a life­time to cook through them all, but books from authors like Yotam Ottolenghi, Deb­o­rah Madi­son or Mark Bittman are plenty nour­ish­ing.

A slew of com­fort food cook­books have been pub­lished this year, with more on deck. Food and com­fort go hand in hand. Once grilled cheese sand­wiches and tomato soup are ele­vated and rein­tro­duced by Ina Garten, we pay 100 per­cent atten­tion.

The pro­found art of cook­ing can be a soli­tary or social activ­ity. It requires lit­tle beyond get­ting started. Pick from any “strike your fancy” recipe book. Learn some­thing new in the deep cook­ing pool.

Assem­ble. Gather. Cue. Assem­ble fresh and pantry ingre­di­ents. Gather the bowls, pans and uten­sils. Cue up the playlist for music stream­ing. Get to cook­ing the books.

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