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There is no deny­ing the visual cues of Autumn. Trees and leaves are turn­ing color. Darker morn­ings greet us with fewer day­light hours left for leisure. Farewell sum­mer.

Crisper, cooler night­time and morn­ing tem­per­a­tures are just what is needed to bring on our most favorite fall fruits.

A wide array of veg­eta­bles, décor items and flo­ral selec­tions vie for atten­tion this time of year. Think about col­or­ful and tasty first fall bites.

Crunchy and crisp, juicy and sweet are descrip­tive words for the Hol­i­day Seed­less grapes that are just on the scene. They make grape fans of those look­ing for a sweet tooth solu­tion.

Eat­ing pat­terns and cook­ing meth­ods fol­low the steady pro­gres­sion into fall food choices. Bak­ing, broil­ing and brais­ing, segue nicely from out­door bar­be­cu­ing and grilling. Cal­i­for­ni­ans will con­tinue to cook out­doors year-​round.

Glide back into the kitchen with new crop apples, Brus­sels sprouts, pump­kins, per­sim­mons, hard squashes and pomegranates.

Poach­ing and roast­ing are time­less fall cook­ing meth­ods for will­ing par­tic­i­pants as Anjou pears, figs, Ital­ian plums, but­ter­nut and kabocha squashes.

Steeped in their own juices, enhanced with wines, vine­gars or mari­nades, the virtues of these new har­vest gems are easy to love.

Tex­tures and trends embolden cooks to take on old recipes in new ways. Inspi­ra­tion comes from curat­ing dishes with a sense of place and his­tory.

Aro­mat­ics push fall fla­vors for­ward. Cin­na­mon, star anise, pep­per­corns, gin­ger or gar­lic com­pete for top billing.

Coax­ing best attrib­utes of any veg­etable involves one part explo­ration and a sec­ond part prod­uct famil­iar­ity. Once we have a lock on favored com­bi­na­tions, it’s smart to keep the ball rolling.

Lus­cious desserts, main courses and har­vest side dishes are a wel­come change from summer’s easy, breezy for­mu­las. Break out the cook­books and mag­a­zines for a refresher on “how to” pre­pare, sea­son and cook those inter­est­ing shapes and col­ors com­ing in to fall focus.

Yams and sweet pota­toes lend them­selves to both sweet and savory appli­ca­tions. Kale, cau­li­flower, chard, cele­riac, spinach and mush­rooms yield to whipped purees, casseroles and sautés.

Star­bucks doesn’t have a lock on pump­kin and spice. Dig into the realm of pos­si­bil­i­ties this month as each new squash or apple is intro­duced.

Keep décor up to date with all shapes, size and hue of orna­men­tals. Gourds and pump­kins spruce up entry ways, lob­bies and dis­play areas. Dou­ble down with bloom­ing plants and cut flow­ers.

Cheer­ful sun­flow­ers wel­come fall y’all.

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