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Stay­ing prop­erly hydrated is impor­tant year round but espe­cially crit­i­cal dur­ing hot sum­mer days.

Summer’s heat and humid­ity increases hydra­tion needs because our bod­ies are per­spir­ing more. Increased humid­ity pre­vents per­spi­ra­tion from evap­o­rat­ing or low­er­ing our body tem­per­a­tures.

Dehy­dra­tion can lead to exces­sive thirst, fatigue, cramp­ing, nau­sea, heat exhaus­tion or even stroke. To pre­vent dehy­dra­tion, drink water reg­u­larly and replace lost elec­trolytes with nat­ural sports drinks that don’t con­tain too much sugar.

Fruits and veg­eta­bles with high water con­tent can improve hydra­tion and effec­tively reg­u­late an active human body. Take notice of some sea­sonal favorites that can act as nour­ish­ment and also aid in fluid replen­ish­ment.

There are lots of foods that nat­u­rally aide hydra­tion. Most fruits are very hydrat­ing. Water­melon is an obvi­ous easy choice. Rich in vit­a­min C, beta carotene and lycopene, the appro­pri­ately named water­melon is about 92 per­cent water.

Eat melon for a mid-​day snack, when feel­ing thirsty or even when feel­ing a bit off or run­down. Other good fruit choices are include other vari­ety mel­ons (cren­shaw, can­taloupe, hon­ey­dew and orange flesh), apples, kiwi, grapes, cit­rus fruits, coconut, any type of fresh berries.

A host of fresh veg­eta­bles are super hydrat­ing. Choose from let­tuce, spinach, broc­coli, cel­ery, bok choy, esca­role, and cab­bage. For hydra­tion pur­poses, it’s a ben­e­fit to eat them raw over cooked.

Cucum­bers are a sum­mer­time plea­sure that come in a wide selec­tion of shapes and sizes. Pick a cucum­ber from Per­sian to Eng­lish to sat­isfy your thirst. They deliver high water con­tent as well as cal­cium, mag­ne­sium, sodium and potas­sium; all ele­ments that improve elec­trolyte lev­els.

Foods that Dehy­drate: An exces­sive amount of salt in any food puts it in the cat­e­gory of foods that dehy­drate. Caf­feine, choco­late, alco­hol and sugar can be dehy­drat­ing. Cof­fee, sodas and alco­holic drinks can act as diuret­ics. They prompt the kid­neys to excrete pure water with­out get­ting rid of any tox­ins.

Top human per­for­mance dur­ing sum­mer requires good food and bev­er­age choices. This helps to reg­u­late body heat, lubri­cate the joints, trans­port nutri­ents, assist with absorp­tion of nutri­ents and elim­i­nate wastes.

Func­tion­ing at the top of our game is con­nected with fuel for the day. Water infused with fresh fruits, veg­etable and herbs is a game changer. Keep your portable water bot­tle handy at work, in the car and at out­door events. Sip here, drink up there.

Put toma­toes in the salad. Make din­ner veg­gies more inter­est­ing. Stay cool, calm and hydrated.

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