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Thanks­giv­ing left­overs are a bet for at least one good sand­wich or warm plate of com­fort post hol­i­day feast.

If soups, sal­ads and sides don’t lend a cer­tain kitchen inspi­ra­tion to the day after foods, rethink the approach.

A few sim­ple fresh ingre­di­ents will ignite a spark to the dol­drums of those glass dishes stacked in the fridge.

Intro­duce gin­ger root, cilantro, edamame and shi­take mush­rooms for a boost of fla­vor to any bowl of Asian noo­dles or rice dish. Spice it up with chili pep­per paste (kochu­jang) or chili pep­per flakes (kochukaru).

Fresh herbs like basil, mint and Ital­ian pars­ley boost taste buds with a dif­fer­ent take to cold sal­ads. Tar­ragon or baby dill move things in an alto­gether new direc­tion.

Peas, arti­choke hearts and fen­nel bulbs and fronds add more than just bright green­ery. Allow the dis­tinc­tive tex­tures and extra­or­di­nary fla­vors to sur­prise the palette. It’s not grandma’s turkey salad if wal­nuts, apple chunks and curry pow­der get folded in to the mix.

Retreads are played out over the fol­low­ing days once the turkey or other main course dishes are con­sumed. Look at the abun­dance of small plates wait­ing for the spot­light. Serve a cheese board with olives, pick­les, fruit slices (pears, apples and per­sim­mons) or grape clus­ters. A small mound of pis­ta­chios or almonds adds crunch. Treat the meal as a post hol­i­day fes­tive pic­nic. Don’t skip out on the local brews– wine, cider or beer.

Potato or sweet potato left­overs give rise to latkes and other types of potato pies. Add cheese, egg, kale or green onions for another layer. Driz­zle with lemon/​dill sauce or a spicier ver­sion using sam­bal.

Still crav­ing those spicy morn­ing smooth­ies? Freeze roasted win­ter squash, pump­kin, or yam puree into per­fectly sized cubes for blender magic. Add to juice, yogurt, cucum­ber or apple chunks for a fall pick me up.

Cran­ber­ries are a won­der­fully ver­sa­tile reprisal ingre­di­ent for cooks to go with sweet or savory– break­fast, lunch, din­ner or dessert. They lend them­selves to an already fes­tive pre­sen­ta­tion with their unapolo­getic color red.

Hav­ing fresh on hand or a back-​up bag in the freezer, keeps them within reach for a quick bread, rel­ish or fan­ci­ful tart.

Far from bor­ing or rep­e­ti­tious, look for­ward to the sides that get a lift from adding some­thing with color or tex­ture. Cit­rus this time of year ush­ers in Sat­suma man­darins and Meyer lemons. The zest from either are one bright note. The juice another and finally the fruit still a third com­po­nent. Explore other cit­rus choices as they enter the mar­ket­place.

Greet any left­overs as a gift to push cre­ativ­ity and step away from fam­ily tra­di­tion. The revival of yesterday’s food estab­lishes new ways to keep the cel­e­bra­tion going.

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