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Chilly autumn morn­ings nat­u­rally make us yearn to have a lit­tle some­thing baked with our pre­ferred wakeup hot bev­er­age.

Warm­ing up to lovely muffins, breads, loaf cakes and scones has the power to trans­form a ho-​hum break­fast into a desir­able first bite.

Let fall pro­duce guide the menu for savory and sweet oven treats.

Apples and pears, pump­kins and per­sim­mons, sweet pota­toes and car­rots– these are ample base­line fla­vors to set the course.

Cran­ber­ries and other sea­sonal jew­els like dates and dried fruits (apri­cots, cher­ries, raisins, etc.) have a dis­tinc­tive mouth feel when baked.

Hand prepa­ra­tion begins with wash­ing and peel­ing. There is some Zen-​like state assumed when we peel a dozen or so apples. Then move on to a slice, dice, grate or puree. More spir­i­tual engage­ment is avail­able here if not hur­ried to per­form.

The act of mak­ing some­thing from one of these sea­sonal gems is truly a cre­ative process. Fol­low­ing a fam­ily recipe or find­ing a new one from a Google search doesn’t influ­ence the ter­rific out­come.

Using the best avail­able ingre­di­ents for spice, sweet­ness and tex­ture will def­i­nitely enhance all efforts to cre­ate a morn­ing mas­ter­piece.

Honey and maple syrup have found their right­ful sweet spots. Cin­na­mon, nut­meg, cloves, car­damom, and gin­ger top the aro­matic spice chart. Cayenne and turmeric pack addi­tional heat when look­ing out­side the spice box.

Aro­mat­ics are intox­i­cat­ing when com­pli­men­tary to scratch baked goods. The senses are awak­ened with the mere sug­ges­tion of earthy spices in the air.

Tree nuts boost nutri­tional value to any goodie. Wal­nuts, almonds, pis­ta­chios and pecans each add their own spe­cial brand of taste and tex­ture. Inde­pen­dent of any other addi­tions, nuts have a way of tilt­ing the fla­vors or bring­ing all of the com­po­nents together.

Poppy, flax and sesame seeds con­tribute to excep­tional muffins and breads. Even adding mil­let or other grains can give inter­est and crunch to an oth­er­wise famil­iar baked good.

Find what works in tan­dem with other top notes like vanilla, lemon or orange and have a go at it. Rolled oats are a good fit in many make ahead recipes that con­vey a sense of healthy and heart smart choices.

Ener­gize work­day morn­ings by bak­ing on the week­end for early, mid­week starts. Whole­some ingre­di­ents come to life when there is pur­pose in the pan. Take plea­sure in baked goods using what’s fresh picked.

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