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We all read the updates on weekly mar­ket con­di­tions. Weak, strong, up, down, esca­lated, Acts of God, legs, no legs. All pro­duce lingo to inform end users on the state of let­tuce, berries and veg­eta­bles.

It all sounds fine in an update on paper. Real­ity sets in when we as con­sumers shop and take our fruits and veg­eta­bles home for meals pre­pared in our own kitchens.

For the past sev­eral weeks, exces­sive and pro­longed heat (triple digit tem­per­a­tures) in our prime grow­ing areas is news­wor­thy. Next came the head­lines of mul­ti­ple fires through­out Cal­i­for­nia, Ore­gon and Wash­ing­ton. Smoke and ash con­tinue to push air qual­ity in to unhealthy ranges.

Warn­ings of short sup­plies, higher prices and tight mar­kets are a direct result of those late sum­mer events. Har­vest dis­rup­tions due to lack of labor or min­i­mum time avail­able to pick, sort and pack have worked against grow­ers.

Prod­uct alerts tell retail­ers and chefs to order tight or “truck to shelf or truck to plate”. Valen­cia oranges have suf­fered from heat stress. Romaine, ice­berg and leafy let­tuces are now show­ing the affects of insect dam­age and high tem­per­a­tures.

Grow­ers do their best to mit­i­gate all qual­ity con­cerns in every crop. It makes good sense for the farmer to want to make the most of their sales. Still, unavoid­able cir­cum­stances have pre­vailed this sum­mer to give grow­ers more headaches than usual.

Since most meals are now being made or con­sumed at home under COVID restric­tions, pro­duc­tion dis­rup­tions hit close to home on food waste and the wal­let. Fewer store trips for mar­ket­ing mean the per­ish­ables need to last and go farther.

Bunker men­tal­ity applies to toi­let paper, hand san­i­tizer and canned or frozen goods.

When we count on fresh veg­eta­bles and fruits as part of the daily ingre­di­ent list, its very dis­ap­point­ing when they do not live up to their “fresh” test.

Mul­ti­ple per­sonal expe­ri­ences in the last month have led to early purg­ing of let­tuces. Again, tip burn, dehy­dra­tion and insect dam­age led to pre-​mature toss­ing out these main salad com­po­nents. Sell by dates had no mean­ing.

The dra­matic clus­ter of dis­as­ters for grow­ing and har­vest­ing is most evi­dent in items that nor­mally are very shelf sta­ble and hearty. Car­rots, broc­coli, cucum­bers and bell pep­pers usu­ally store for longer peri­ods of time under refrig­er­a­tion.

Qual­ity expec­ta­tions quickly dis­solve when after only a cou­ple of days, prod­uct looks tired, limp, decayed or shriv­eled. Berries have been moldy, leaky or wet. Too often lately, the fresh pro­duce from the fridge has been unten­able.

Higher prices — deter­mined by cur­rent demand on weak sup­ply– do not sooth the guilt of food being wasted. We’re con­scious of using what we have on our menu ingre­di­ent list.

Resilience and patience are ascribed attrib­utes of farm­ers. They know how to work through the pain and suf­fer­ing blows deliv­ered by Mother Nature. Relief will come as we cook through new grow­ing cycles and some Autumn relief.

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