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Sum­mer is fad­ing fast. Vaca­tion days in the rear view mir­ror bring a dif­fer­ent focus with some new rou­tines shap­ing our plates. Before com­pletely let­ting go of sum­mer, how about tak­ing one last bite?

The best of late har­vest sum­mer fruits and veg­eta­bles are ready for the final soirée. Act quickly, as the win­dow is clos­ing on the late bloomers.

That glo­ri­ous camp includes heir­loom toma­toes, egg­plants (in all shapes, sizes and color), sum­mer and early fall squashes (zuc­chini, eight ball, spaghetti and but­ter­nut), and even some squash blos­soms still on the stem.

Last of sum­mer basil makes for pesto for pasta, pizza or bruschetta. Use the toma­toes for tomato and herb salad or Cap­rese with a bal­samic driz­zle. Both are fresh, light and the per­fect com­pli­ment to any Sep­tem­ber din­ner party.

Off the vine pep­per choices, make us dream of sump­tu­ous stuffed bells, chile rel­lenos and roasted Ana­heim, poblano, Hatch and jalapeños. South of the bor­der delec­tables go far beyond salsa. Pep­per pop­pers keep things lively for al fresco appetizers.

A feast for fruit lovers cir­cles around figs, grapes, black­ber­ries, Asian and Bartlett pears and heir­loom mel­ons. Imag­ine a fruit plate with the col­ors, tex­ture and del­i­cate fla­vors. Pis­ta­chios, wal­nuts and almonds on that plat­ter pair well with any num­ber of Cal­i­for­nia pro­duced cheeses.

The fruit bounty moves well past break­fast and dessert ideas. Inspired jams, pre­serves and com­potes are heav­enly cre­ations to be enjoyed well into Octo­ber and Novem­ber.

Cues from Mother Nature dic­tate menus this month. Egg­plant encour­ages grilling and the start of lay­ered casseroles.

Hits of exotic spices– turmeric, cin­na­mon, cumin keep sum­mer travel mem­o­ries alive. Mous­saka, rata­touille, baba ghan­noush or ajvar send our imag­i­na­tions rac­ing to Greece, Italy, the Mid­dle East or the Balkans.

Fresh figs epit­o­mize the Mediter­ranean sim­i­lar­i­ties with Cal­i­for­nia fruits. Cli­mate and vari­ety tell the story. Sen­su­ous, local ingre­di­ents carve out a niche for appre­cia­tive fig lovers.

Can there be any­thing bet­ter than a stuffed black mis­sion fig on a shared plate? Per­haps a Kadota fig, with their thick skin and creamy amber green color, for a brighter note. Then there is the Cal­imyrna fig, noted for their honey and nut-​like fla­vor and ten­der, golden skin. All late sum­mer stars.

Sus­tain­able ways to hold on to summer’s great fla­vors is to bot­tle, freeze, dry, or pre­serve them.

A fond farewell to late bloomers is to savor grilled sweet corn, sip peach san­gria and indulge in deca­dent black­berry slab pie. The party is almost over. Take your last bite of sum­mer.

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